Jim Maassen

SysAdmin @ TransIP

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Jim is a System Administrator with over 5 years of experience. With an educational background in IT management, he has positioned himself as a vital part of the System Administration team. With his enthusiasm to learn every day, he continuously ensures the quality of the IT network of the companies he works for.

Right now he works at TransIP, in the position of System Administrator. On a day to day basis, Jim provides support for monitoring and managing the IT infrastructure of a complex webhosting company. Colleagues know him as a friendly, patient, open and techy geek.

In his free time he enjoys watching TED talks, going out with friends, designing websites, learning new codes and keeping up with the latest IT trends.

His ambition is to expand his knowledge on Open Source software and develop his Puppet skills.
His specialties: Windows Server, Mac OS, Mac Server, Linux Debian, FreeBSD, Puppet, HTML, PHP, MySQL and CSS3.



Medior System Administrator

As a system administrator at TransIP, I make sure everything goes well in the datacenter and prevent failures. I am also busy with projects and automation via Puppet.

Spaarne Gasthuis

Junior System Administrator

As a Junior System Administrator at Spaarne Gasthuis I was responsible for the workplace management and I ensured that employees could do their job well through our servers. Think about the EPD and log in to the workplace servers.


Customer Care

In addition to my education, I wanted to work, purely to gain experience. I received Ahold's offer to come to work with their Customer Service to meet people with questions about products and about recalled products.


Hogeschool Leiden

Sept 2016 - Sept 2017

Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology

When I finished my MBO education, I had the ambition to grow into the system management that I make the step to Leiden University, but did not feel it and I could not fulfill my ambitions and had to stop early.

Nova College

Sept 2013 - Sept 2016

Niveau 2 and 4


Bed And Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast 'Aan de beek'

Bed and Breakfast in Arcen, Limburg and asked me to shape their website with a good sneakpeak of the Bed & Breakfast.

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